2014 V6 Turbo F1 engine latest news :

2014 brings the new Turbo era with the reintroduction of V6 Turbo engines to Formula 1 racing with 1.6 litre single turbo engines, and 8 speed gearboxes.

V6 Turbo F1 Williams Honda

This is going to be the biggest change in Formula 1 for over 2 decades. I think it may lead to a period where one team dominates before the others catch up. My money’s on Ferrari.

I think Ferrari  could emulate McLaren’s feat of 12 out of 16 race wins from 1984 when the TAG Porsche engine made such an impressive debut.


Renault, Mercedes, Ferrari, Cosworth, P.U.R.E and maybe more may supply engines, rumours persist about Honda, VW, Audi and more..

It will be a sea change in F1 rules…read it all here, as it happens, this site is dedicated to the future of Formula 1, V6 Turbocharged  engines, and much more…2014 countdown has already begun, read the latest articles below :

Formula 1 in 2014 with turbo engined cars should be spectacular – turbo boost for overtaking, flame outs as fuel gets burnt on the over run, new 8 speed gearboxes, and a new engine supplier in P.U.R.E.  We think there maybe new races in Cape Town – South Africa, and Mallorca, and maybe Dubai, as well as the 2 new American races, the Austin Grand Prix and the New Jersey Grand Prix.

F1-TURBOFormula 1 returns to turbocharged engines as used in the great era of the 80′s when Senna, Piquet, Prost, and Mansell took their turns to dominate F1. The turbo engines played their part in the excitement, due to the prodigious horsepower they produced and the on/off power delivery which made them a handful to drive.



  • Who will be the first team to test their V6 turbo engine on a race track?
  • What will the engine sound like?
  • How will the ERS energy recovery system work?
  • Will Williams steal a march on the competition with their experience from their hybrid power development for Audi’s Le Mans Hybrid Prototypes ?
  • Which manufacturer will be the next to join F1 under the new rules?
  • Will Honda or Audi adapt their V6 Turbo engines for F1 ?
  • Will F1 ever use a diesel V6 Turbo engine?

Check back regularly and we’ll bring you reports from the test sessions and more..If you all donate enough I’ll even drag myself to a test session and take some photos over the fence!

( A little tip for anybody going to a race circuit on a test day : Take your decorating aluminium step ladder! – You can then get your eye level over the the top of the fence level at some corners! ).

Does anybody remember when race circuits were camera friendly? Brands Hatch used to even have the Kodak Enclosure on the inside of Druids. Anyway I digress, within the next 12 months we should see and hear the new v6 turbo engines and don’t be surprised if one engine is a fair bit better than the others..

Reliability should be a lot better than it was in the 80′s so don’t expect to see many fires!

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